Residential & Commercial


in addition to mowing, debris-blowing, and edging...

Pine Straw & Mulch

Beautify your yard and plant beds by adding mulch or pine straw. Not only does it add to your curb appeal, but it also holds in moisture, prevents soil erosion, and slows down weed grown in unwanted areas.

Hedge Trimming & Pruning

Manicured hedges give properties a clean, finished appearance. Based on the type of shrub, our attentive team will keep them trimmed and looking nice all year long.


Would you like your lawn to look more lush and full this season? We provide seeding services to both new and established lawns. We'll figure out the best course of action to get a nice base for your yard.

Turf/Sod Management

Sod is another alternative to reaching a nice, established yard. It's much quicker than the seeding process. With sod, you can enjoy a beautiful, full lawn within a couple of weeks after installation.


Aeration is the process of removing three to four inch plugs from the soil. This helps loosen up compacted soil and allows water and other nutrients to permeate the soil, resulting in a healthier lawn.


Thatch is known as the plant material that builds up in your lawn. Too much of this material prevents important nutrients from reaching the soil. The de-thatching process can help your lawn grow and maintain a healthy appearance.

Leaf Removal

We will remove and dispose of the leaves that build up on your lawn. If the leaves are not removed, they will suffocate the grass and harbor moisture, causing mold.

Mosquito Control

Whether you're having a large outdoor gathering, or just want piece, we can spray to help reduce the amount of annoying mosquitoes that hang out in your yard.